The Angel In Ootani-San's House

The Angel In Ootani-San's House

Mitsu is the owner of a bookstore at the Komachi Shopping District. His rough appearance has always scared others off. But one day, a mysterious child by the name of Michael appears before him. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of Mitsu, in fact he sticks to him like glue. Watch the adorable everyday interactions between Mitsu and the Baby Angel.

Alternative : Ootani-san Chi no Tenshi-sama,Ohtani San Chi no Tenshi Sama,大谷さんちの天使様,大谷家的天使,책방 아저씨랑 아기 천사님

Author(s) : Kiri Torino

Status : Ongoing

Genres : comedy , shounen , slice of life , supernatural

Rating : 4.79 / 5

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